Who We Are

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The world and your business are constantly changing—and that means your applications need to change too. We work closely with our clients and their partners to implement and maintain all the elements they need for continuous development of their applications. Trust Emyode to ensure the successful evolution of your business applications.


Our Approach

Our approach combines rigour, agility, flexibility, continuous application development, professionalism and enjoyment of our work. We aim to provide you with peace of mind during the development of your business applications. If urgent measures are called for, we’re ready to keep your business going by performing the equivalent of heart surgery while you’re running a marathon.

Risk Sharing-Based Approach to Projects

Emyode will provide total or partial support for your IT projects while guaranteeing that the initial budget and deadline will be met. If you believe that an iteration offers you no concrete value, we’ll tear up the bill.

Centre of Excellence & Coaching

The Centre of Excellence is a group of multidisciplinary experts who guide and support both our teams and the client’s teams in order to optimize all aspects of a project. You may access the Centre of Excellence directly for consulting or coaching that will help you successfully complete internal initiatives (projects, DevOps, Azure, etc.).

Deployment in Three Weeks

Every three weeks, your end users will benefit from new functionalities that have been tested and deployed in production. All our projects maintain the same pace in order to maximize the relevance of skills required for the next iteration.

Cloud Hosting Included

To ensure your peace of mind, we will purchase and manage your Office 365 and Azure subscriptions. We are an authorized Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP).

AGILE Methodology

We ensure a scrum-based approach through our business continuity specialists (BCSs), who serve as a single point of contact for our clients. BCSs understand clients’ needs and provide them with peace of mind.

Proactive, Real-Time Management and Application Monitoring Centre

Doberman provides you with an overview of all ongoing and future improvement projects while proactively monitoring applications that are currently delivering value to your end users.


“For over ten years, Emyode has been providing us with high-quality professional services for developing business applications as well as various telecommunication monitoring tools. What’s more, for the past few years, Emyode has also offered us IT management services to support certain critical applications.
Their technical expertise with Microsoft tools, their understanding of our complex business field, their professionalism and their ability to listen to our needs and quickly provide adaptive solutions has made Emyode the ideal partner to ensure the success of our projects.”

Nelson Healey - Bell
Senior Application Architect - Direct sales