Case Studies

Whether it’s a long-term partnership or a one-off project, we treat each application like a member of the family.

Cloud-Based Development with Microsoft Azure

Development of a tool for communication and calculating compensation as part of an early retirement and voluntary leaving program. The application had to enable officials to submit a request online and track the progress of cases being handled by the administration.

Windows Azure technology was selected as the development platform for this project. This solution met all the project requirements, in addition to offering flexibility for future development.

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Hybrid Development

Development of a specialized tool for managing and backing up critical operational data as part of a computerized maintenance management solution (CMMS). The tool needed to be accessible by the company and its supplier and must enable an external supplier to share critical files via a secure server.

We opted for a solution using Microsoft Windows Azure technology, which has the advantage of simplifying access between the company and its supplier without compromising the security of existing networks.

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Business Continuity

Development and implementation of software solutions for monitoring, maintaining and managing thousands of private and public sector companies’ telephone systems in the telecommunication sector. The solution was also to increase the robustness of the service, simplify IT management, reduce maintenance costs, automate repetitive tasks and offer flexibility with respect to cost control and development.

We have built a long term partnership with our client and solutions have been implemented progressively to avoid causing any service interruptions and assure best possible return on investment.

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